At 20 years of age in 1977 Albert Rustom & his wife migrated from a war-torn country, with an ambition to start a family in a safe & caring environment in which they found AUSTRALIA.
Coming from a family of farmers Mr Rustom strived to learn about Australian agriculture as his passion for farming was like no other. He begun working in the field and gradually gaining the experience needed and begun to understand all about Australian fresh produce and what it takes to grow in such a bipolar environment. After years of hard work, determination and passion like no other Mr Rustom bought himself some land & begun to do what he knows best and loves.

In 1990 he founded “Rustom Farm”. A market garden business growing fresh produce.

Mr Rustom a very passionate man who is a strong believer in faith, hard work, honesty and sweat and tears went on farming 7 days a week to try and provide for his family. With 4 boys and 2 girls both he and his wife had their hands full. Mr Rustom took it upon himself as a father to make sure his kids understood values and responsibility’s. each chance he got all 4 boys would go with him to work, be it afternoons or weekends and learn responsibility’s and hard work.

Delivering straight out of a battered small 4 tonne truck which chocked to the roof (as they still didn’t have the funds to buy a good condition larger truck) the brothers will help their dad deliver from direct to local fruit shops. They started expanding to other areas and business was getting stronger and they needed to think about what next steps would be.

2010 with the blessing of their father RBT Express was founded, now moving Fresh Produce from the farm to the markets and from the markets to shop owners around local NSW. RBT known for their good service was growing and as they did, they started partnering up with some of the largest business in the markets like BIG FRESH, SELECT FRESH and many more.

2017 RBTstarted moving in on general freight also, moving pallets of goods all over NSW for some well-known companies like DHL, TOLL, VELLEX and many more.

2019 a change happened, and the business went into a larger playing field in Transport & Logistics. A full business rebrand to now “RBT EXPRESS LOGISTICS”.

Australian family owned RBT Express Logistics is a leader in Fresh Produce and also has an extended arm in general Transport & Warehousing. Partnering up with some major companies and proving a great service to all. Moving tonnes of goods all over NSW local and regional RBT has become an empire in the Transport & Logistics sector.

All thanks to the vision & support from their father who paved the way. RBT Express Logistics is now one of the recognised names in Transport & Logistics.