At RBT Express our main goal is to provide a safe environment for the workers, our clients and the general public. We see it as our number one responsibility as safety is key to every successful business.

RBT Express employees are committed to our values including a key emphasis on:

  • Safety
  • Customer-focused innovation
  • Performance

  • All our drivers meet the safety legislation in all states of Australia
    Our drivers are fitted with the correct PPE to complete their tasks in a safe and timely manner
  • Our fleet of trucks are serviced regularly and pre-inspection is done before leaving any depot
  • All of our drivers are licensed to drive their required truck and some are licensed to operate forklifts to mange material handling.

WHS ACT 2011

RBT Express is committed to ensuring that employees are safe from injuries and risks to health while at work. RBT Express exceeds the current safety standards for WHS ACT 2011 with safety being our first priority.

Australian Vehicle Standards Rules 1999

All of our vehicles comply with the AVS & NSW Transport authority and are maintained regularly.

Safety over Profit

Our staff are inducted in safety before taking control of any of our vehicles, each driver is issued with an RBT Express drivers manual which thourghly outlines safety. We treat safety as our number one priority.